… to Janet Webb Consulting, an independent learning & organisational development consultant. That sounds great but what in reality does it mean?

It means that I help individuals, employers and their staff to be the best that they can be. I train people in management, presentation skills and customer service. Working as a partner, a critical friend and a source of learning, I help people to do the things that they thought that they couldn’t. Consequently, together we make ripples; ripples that affect lives, businesses and communication.

Learning and organisational development is not scary

If you need a bespoke team building day, a one to one mentor, a programme of training events, ways to develop your high fliers or just a fresh pair of eyes, then you will find all that here. My biggest client has over 13,000 staff. My smallest has less than 20.

I have been a Chartered Member of the CIPD since 2013 and I have been working in the field of learning and organisational development since 1992. That means that I take my professionalism very seriously and I have the experience to back it up.

In addition, I am a skilled and experienced manager:

  • experience of managing a wide variety of teams
  • undertaking strategic reviews of services that I am familiar with (and some that I am not)
  • managing projects in a variety of industries
  • dealing with fast paced environments
  • working in the private sector and the public sector
  • currently also working with the third sector

My job is to help you to do your stuff, by doing my stuff.

And what is my stuff?

  • Supporting managers at all levels through transition
  • Learning design & delivery
  • Team building events
  • Organisational development projects
  • Coaching people in public speaking and other high octane situations
  • Psychometric testing for development and stretch


My blog about all sorts can be found here on my Damp Ink Page.