… to Janet Webb Consulting. I’m an independent learning & organisational development consultant, specialising in developing leadership and management skills. I mentor senior leaders who don’t need management training but do need some help. And I work with new managers who are exploring a whole new skill set. What I am interested in is how our brains work and therefore have an impact on how we behave.

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Leadership and management development is not scary

Leadership and Management Development

What I chiefly focus on is developing your high fliers; those members of staff who are just great at what they do. However, they often get promoted OUT of what they do well and into a job managing bigger and bigger teams. My job is to help them make this transition. By helping them understand human behaviour and giving them some key skills, they can have a positive impact on their staff. And therefore the organisation. Consequently, together we make ripples; ripples that affect lives, businesses and communication.

My job is to help you and your team to do your stuff, by doing my stuff.

And so what is my stuff?

  • Supporting leaders and managers at all levels through transition
  • Learning design & delivery
  • Team building events
  • Coaching people in public speaking and other high octane situations
  • Psychometric testing for development and stretch
  • Sometimes, it’s helping people to do the things that they thought that they couldn’t.

You can find out more about me here.

My LinkedIn profile will give you more information about my professional background.

My blog, which is about all sorts, can be found here on my Damp Ink Page.

What do you need? Share your story with me and let me help you explore where you are and where you are going. Call me for a chat and let’s see where it takes us.

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