About Me

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.



I believe that every person, every relationship, team, organisation and every situation has a perfect way of functioning. This might not be true in practice but I work as if it is. My role is to help people find the best way of being – to set the angel free.

With years of HR and OD experience and roles in a variety of management positions in various sectors, I bring a range of lessons learned (and perspectives gained) to any project. My toolkit contains a selection of interesting widgets:


Quality training techniques

I have designed and delivered a variety of courses and programmes including:

  • Senior Management Development Centres
  • Supervisory Training Programmes
  • Customer Service Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Personal development courses on Time Management, Goal Setting, Selling Skills
  • HR skills courses on Interviewing, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Train the Trainer
  • Communication skills courses such as Assertiveness, Report Writing, Presentation Skills
  • Bespoke team building events
Psychometric and personality testing expertise

I am qualified in the use of personality questionnaires and use Quintax as a matter of preference. I can use them for assessment purposes but find that as a development tool is when they are most effective. For more information about Quintax click here

I have also designed bespoke recruitment tools such as in-tray exercises.


I love to speak to people about how the brain works and what effect this has on our emotions, our response to difficult situations, how we learn and how we see the world. I am also an Associate Lecturer with Chichester College for their CIPD Learning and Development Qualifications.

Purposeful curiosity

Some would describe this as being just plain nosey – I wouldn’t like to comment. What I would say is that I have a proven ability to go into a new environment and understand what matters quickly. I get in, find out what is what and then get on with it. And because I am interested in what makes organisations work, this ability has proven excellent when undertaking service reviews. In addition, I have transferred skills with ease from a retail environment into a health environment. I have had to pick up the legal issues around the registering of births and deaths and the Freedom of Information Act and have hit the ground running. And I am un-daunted by new environments. On the contrary, I believe that having a fresh perspective on things is a valuable asset.

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