Services, Course Design and Delivery

What’s On Offer? Well that depends on what help you need. I can provide emergency help or a planned programme, course design and delivery, or 1-2-1 mentoring.

During Covid-19 Lock-downs and as Organisations Find New Ways of Working, What Are You Doing To Prepare Your Team?

One-2-One mentoring for your managers and key roles.

Team-building or team re-building. Have a look below.

Course design and delivery; on-line if appropriate.

Take a look here at what I am offering during this time.

Course design and delivery, open or in-house, groups or one-2-one

This can be a classic training event. However,  it is much more likely to be a programme. This will include a raft of activities before “the event” to help prepare learners and then help them implement the learning afterwards. Most of what we learn happens as we are working. The trick with training is to make the transition from the training room into the workplace. This is a vital part of my design strategy. There will also be built in flexibility to allow the needs of the learners to form the session.  My approach to course design and delivery is to facilitate learning, for a focused result. In short, if you are expecting a classroom style, with endless PowerPoint and lecturing, then you have come to the wrong place.

Professional Mentoring

Sometimes we don’t need a training programme, or coaching. What we need is someone to sit down with us and

  • challenge
  • teach
  • support
  • help

This is where one-2-one mentoring comes in.Two cups of coffee, one purpose. Mentoring, coaching, helping.

This kind of service is particularly helpful for

  • managers who are struggling with one aspect of their job
  • anyone who has been recently promoted
  • someone doing a presentation who wants to move it up to the next level

One-2-one might be just the thing. I am very happy to provide “emergency” help at the point that people need it.  This can be around dealing with presentations, interviews, preparing for anxiety inducing situations.

Face to face…


…or on-line.



The on-line service may be useful for staff during the Covid-19 lock-down, especially if they have been recently promoted into management positions. Wherever the need is, that’s where I can help.

I’ve even been known to mentor whilst sailing.


Team building events

Team building is the process of taking a group of disparate people and helping them to work together as an effective, healthy “machine.” What makes it challenging is that they all come with their own experiences, aptitudes and personal values.  Team-building should build the environment and connections that allow each member to thrive. This in turn will help the team collectively to thrive. It’s not a one off event in itself but a series of interventions – deliberate and accidental, conscious and unconscious – that produce this state of healthiness.

Conscious, deliberate team-building can include catalyst events, where the team members experience something of value together. I design them around a specific subject or just to build relationships within the team.  Either way, it will be for some purpose and desired outcome.  It wont be having fun just for the sake of it, though having fun can be part of the purpose too. It may include psychometric testing and suitable knowledge input if that’s helpful.

Service review/critical friend

Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes can be just what any project requires. Therefore, if you need someone to gently review what you are doing, then I can provide that. I have done this successfully for a number of teams. I have also acted as the independent member on a number of recruitment panels. If you need an independent partner, I would love to help you.

My toolkit contains a selection of interesting widgets:

Quality training techniques

My course design and delivery experience has included a variety of programmes including:

  • Senior Management Development Centres
  • Supervisory Training Programmes
  • Customer Service Training
  • HR skills courses on
    • Interviewing
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Performance Management
  • Communication skills courses
  • Bespoke team building events

I like to speak to people about how the brain works and what effect this has:

  • on our emotions
  • our response to difficult situations
  • our creativity
  • on how we learn
  • on how we see the world

speaking at Chichester College's Business School Graduation

I have also been an Associate Lecturer with Chichester College for their CIPD Learning and Development Qualifications. I had the honour of being the Key Note Speaker at their Professional Student Graduation Ceremony in 2018. This is what I said.





Purposeful curiosity

I am interested in what makes organisations work. Some would describe this as being plain nosey! However, what I would say is that I like to go into a new environment and understand what matters quickly. Then I get on with what’s needed. This ability has proven excellent when undertaking service reviews. In addition, I have transferred skills with ease from retail into the health service. And then into a range of local government posts. And then into business. Moreover, I am un-daunted by new environments. On the contrary; I believe that having a fresh perspective on things is a valuable asset. I love this part of my job.  Yep, I’m nosey.

Psychometric and personality testing expertise

I am qualified in the use of personality questionnaires and use Quintax as a matter of preference. They can be used for assessment purposes. However, I find that as a development tool is where they are most effective. For more information about Quintax click here

I have also designed bespoke recruitment tools such as in-tray exercises.