Services offered include:

  • Course design and delivery, open or in-house. This can be a classic training event but is more likely to be a programme that includes a raft of activities before “the event” and afterwards to help prepare learners and then help them implement the learning. Most of what we learn happens as we are working. The trick with training is to make the transition from training room into the workplace. This is a vital part of the design.
  • Team building. This can be around a specific subject or just to build relationships within the team.  Either way it will be for some purpose and desired outcome other than having fun for the sake of it, though having fun can be part of the purpose too.
  • Service review/critical friend. Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes can be just what any project requires. If you need someone to gently review what you are doing, or if you need an independent partner, then I can provide that for you.

Things that make me buzz:

  • Helping new managers move from “rabbit in the headlights” to “I’ve got this!”
  • Assertive behaviour and what stops us communicating clearly
  • Getting to the heart of a problem and so making the solution plainer to see
  • Creating goals that motivate rather than crush
  • Communicating with elegance and impact
  • Being a trusted critical friend and ally