Support Through Covid-19 Lockdown

What Support Am I Offering During and After the Covid-19 Lockdown?

How are we supporting our staff?
Me facilitating a breakfast session at the wonderful Boathouse In The Marina, Littlehampton

How well are your managers and ley staff coping through this Covid-19 lock-down? Whether they are new in post or highly expereinced, they are likely to be struggling, maybe even feeling fearful about the future. Their confidence has probably taken a knock. Alternatively they may be bored and unmotivated.

You, on the otherhand, are working hard to get your business ready for the lifting of restrictions. But have you planned to do to bring your team with you? What support can you give them to get them ready for the off?

My Covid-19 Offer

I can offer you and your team One-2-One, On-line Mentoring

Firstly, we can start with psychometric testing* and a 1 hour, on-line feedback session.  Normally this package costs between £250 and £350. However, until the end of July I am offering this for just £95.

This price covers the cost of administering the test; this initial mentoring session comes free.

Your staff will gain insight into their management style and professional impact. This insight will highlight areas that are effective. They will also gain insight into their impact on others.

How Does This Help?

This understanding and mentoring can build:

  • confidence in themselves
  • a willingness to use their initiative
  • their ability to be assertive
  • strategies for working effectively with others
  • curiosity
  • creativity
  • resilience

– all traits that are likely to have been knocked during a lockdown.

We can then look at more on-going mentoring.

On-line Action Learning Sets

See here for more information on how a set can help support your staff.

Team Building

Also, at some point, when we can get together we can look at Team Building. Take a look at all of the services I offer.

Give your key staff a boost; give them some support through this lockdown and as you get back to normal.

* Quintax is my test of choice. Further information can be found here.

It is registered with The British Psychological Society. Their assessment of the test is it is “very sound”. For additional information about it’s reliability and validity visit here.